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What You Need To Know About Refurbished Phones

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to the latest tech gadgets to choose from in today’s world. And because of this, choosing a new phone can be confusing, especially since several of them can touch high price points. 

But there are solutions for this as well now – refurbished gadgets! In fact, you can even get refurbished phones on EMI with great ease. But what is a refurbished phone? To put it simply, it is a phone that is pre-owned, sent back for various reasons, which might be owing to a defect or even something as simple as the owner having changed their mind.

Here’s why purchasing a refurbished mobile is such a great advantage, one that is definitely worth taking into consideration –

1. As good as new

Many people fear that buying refurbished phones on EMI might mean compromising on quality and functionality. In reality, these phones have been sent back to be fixed and resold, and may even outperform other phones. For example, if the speakers aren’t working as well, or the battery was malfunctioning, a team will work to replace these parts with brand new ones. Or if a phone is really old and has been used for years, they will replace the exteriors and interiors to have it fully functional once again. This makes these phones as good as one being sold in the main showroom.

2. Easier on the pockets

No matter what company the phone is from – be it Apple or Samsung, or even the One Plus – you can rest assured that a refurbished version is much cheaper than a brand new one from the store. This is only because it has had to undergo a few tweaks to perform optimally once again. But as we saw before, these phones are as good as their counterparts, which sit in outlets and stores. So can you imagine paying less than the market price for an item that is worth just as much? Well, that’s what a refurbished phone offers you.

3. Budget better

The best thing about the buy now pay later choice that EMI offers is that it allows you to make room for other expenses. For many, shelling out cash for a single expensive item can cut into their monthly expenses, causing other difficult situations. 

4. Environment friendly

When people are looking for a new phone, they tend to throw away their old phones. E-waste is a very real problem, and can easily be reduced by purchasing refurbished phones and selling old ones back. All gadgets can be repurposed and most can be fixed up as well, allowing for more space to be eco-friendly. So when you buy a used phone, you’re preventing another one from filling up a landfill.
If you are looking to buy a new phone, not only should you go for a refurbished one, but you can save lots more and make smarter purchases with the buy now pay later options that most dealers offer.