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The benefits of acquiring a bespoke spray paint booth and why you need one.

Whether you are after an industrial or commercial spray paint booth, as long as you are getting a high quality and bespoke painting facility, then your business will reap the benefits. Manufactures and re-finishers extensively use spray paint booths for all types of vehicles; and carbon fibre, metal and plastic components of all sizes. 

The benefits of acquiring a bespoke spray paint booth will always outweigh the benefits of getting a standard off the market spray booth. Bespoke paint finishing facilities provide premium performance, versatility, increased outputs and lower running costs, among others. Bespoke facilities are always high-quality devices that ensure the most excellent performance and unrivalled build quality.   

If you have never purchased a spray booth before, it can be a big step for a manufacturer or business owner. A spray booth is a significant investment, but a bespoke spray booth is an even better investment. Let’s look into the benefits of acquiring a bespoke spray booth: 

Quality Outcomes 

When you have a paint finishing facility that is custom made to your operations, your outcomes will always be of higher quality, due to the specificity of the booth to complete your tasks. Spray paint booths also create a controlled environment that keeps everything at the right temperature, free from drafts or wind and protected from dust or debris. It then eliminates common problems that can lead to poor quality outcomes such as water blistering, poor adhesion that leads to flaking and dust particles. 

Environmental Safety 

One of the major benefits of a bespoke spray paint booth is that they can be explicitly designed to contain or handle any hazardous gases or materials used in the painting process. Therefore, your employees will be able to work in a safe environment, and the chemicals used will not pose a danger to the environment as well. Custom or bespoke booths can be built to filter out gases quickly, so they don’t impact the environment, and so the employees inside the booth don’t suffer any adverse effects from a build-up over time. 

Speed & Efficiency 

Spray paint booths are incredibly efficient. They can complete work done by hand in a fraction of the time and provide a controlled quality. Also, because a bespoke booth doesn’t use as many layers, and the layers they do use will have more uniformity and better transfer rate, the spray process will be done a lot faster. A custom booth can improve efficiency throughout production processes or increase the number of commercial jobs that can be done. 

Cost Saving 

A bespoke Spray booth is an investment that can bring great benefits to a business or manufacturer. While the upfront cost may seem steep, in the long term, your spray booth will save you a lot of money. It mainly comes from the impact of producing better quality outputs. A spray booth that is custom made can fit directly into an already established product line, so you won’t have to re-do your whole production line. Also, the newer the technology, the more economical the booth will be in terms of energy and labour—both of which will save overhead costs immensely. The speed and efficiency of a bespoke spray paint booth will also mean that you will create higher quality outcomes at a faster rate and will be spending less while making more, leading to overall savings. 

The benefits of acquiring a bespoke spray paint booth are outstanding, and they are always an excellent investment for a business to make. To ensure you are getting a premium bespoke paint facility, you need to ensure that you are using a leading bespoke spray booth manufacturer such as DRYSYS Spray-Cure. 

DRYSYS Spray-cure design and construct sophisticated manufacturing booths, to any client’s specifications. Which can then also be fully integrated into their production lines and supervisory management systems, to provide all of the great benefits that spray booths can deliver.