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Handy Details Plumbing Tools That Every Homeowner Must Have


As a homeowner, you want to be prepared for small damages and fixes. According to Handy, there are plenty of easy fixes that every homeowner can do and save themselves extra cash in the process. You don’t want to call a plumber for changing the hose on your sink. It is also important for you as a homeowner to prevent an emergency from turning into a disaster. You should always keep the following plumbing tools to avoid such scenarios:

The Tools

1. Plunger – Everything gets clogged at some point. Even if you have installed something of very high quality by the best plumber in town, it will get clogged eventually. A plunger can help in such situations. To unclog the pesky drains that get clogged periodically. With flange and cup plungers, you can also take care of toilets and sinks and prevent it from flooding your kitchen or bathroom. 

2. Wrenches – Pipes would give away over time. When that happens, it’s important to have the right tools to loosen or tighten those pipes. Invest in a high-quality pipe wrench so that you can adjust the nuts and bolts that are everywhere in your plumbing system. A good pipe wrench would last you for decades with little to no maintenance. Moreover, you should buy two of them. You are going to need one for gripping pipes, nuts, and bolts. The other one is going to come in handy for turning. 

3. Plumber’s Tape – A tighter seal could always help. Invest in a high-quality reel of plumber’s tape. The tape allows you to seal threaded pipes without breaking a sweat. It is going to be crucial whenever you want to fix water lines or install showerheads. 

4. Pliers – There are several types of pliers and each one can be useful for plumbing fixes. For smaller fittings, buy a decent pair of the humble needle-nose pliers. They may not come in use as often as the other tools, but nothing else can serve their purpose when it counts. Moreover, you can also use them to easily clear out hair from a tub drain or shower. 

5. Augers – Sometimes plungers can’t get the job done. That’s when augers can help. They have a snake-like design and like a snake can make their way into deep narrow tunnels without any problems. The snake design also helps you to reach and clear out stubborn obstacles that may be blocking your drains or plumbing line. 

6. Plumber’s Putty – If you want a quick and snappy fix to minute leaks or low-pressure situations, the plumber’s putty is your best friend. Instead of meticulously applying duct tape, you can just slap it on the worn-out area for a quick seal that is also water-resistant.


Handy suggests that you always have these tools in your garage to take care of minor plumbing problems. For extreme cases, you can also use a hacksaw to make your way through a thick PVC pipe or call a plumber to seek professional help.