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The Most Popular Apps and Tools starting a business startup

While starting a business is one of the most difficult tasks an entrepreneur can undertake, new business owners should consider app integration to handle day-to-day procedures and streamline productivity so they can focus on the organization’s primary focus without the paperwork.

Deloitte has published a report which has found that 80% of small businesses in the US are not using the available apps and tools optimally. Many are using apps and tools to improve business efficiency and processes, but the majority of these businesses are not taking complete advantage of its advantages. Seeing that the pandemic has brought a range of obstacles and challenges, startups have to use what they can to ensure they remain profitable and reach success. Productivity apps can be used to assist startups in expanding and maintaining efficiency. The same applies to specific tools. This article will explore which apps and tools startups should use to remain profitable and gain success. 

App: GoCo online e-commerce store

For businesses needing assistance regarding HR, the GoCo app would be a capable assistant. This app operates on the cloud and offers the option for startups to streamline the onboarding and offboarding of employees. GoCO is also able to offer time-tracking, performance management services, document management services, and business compliance. 

App: Goodhire

Innovative startups One of the most important parts of starting a startup is hiring employees. This is an intimidating task as hiring suitable employees affects the businesses chances of reaching success. If business owners feel that they need assistance with this, they are able to use the Goodhire app. This app offers hiring services, such as referencing, conducting employment checks and pre-hire skill tests. By using Goodhire, entrepreneurs will save time and will have peace of mind that their employees are well suited to the job. 

App: Freshbooks starting a business

Freshbooks is an app which allows users to produce invoices and recurring invoices for their clients. This app serves to reduce the amount of paperwork which usually accompanies this activity. Besides this feature, Freshbooks offer:

  • The option for users to accept credit cards on mobile devices
  • Expense tracking
  • Business report generation 
  • Profit and loss statements

Tool: RPA starting a business

RPA, which is Robotic Process Automation, is when businesses use software to automate their processes. RPA serves to eliminate the need of having to manually do repetitive tasks, such as the interpretation of applications, processing transactions, and data handling. The use of RPA also offers new opportunities to businesses and professionals in this industry. Due to the incorporation of RPA, more jobs such as developers, project managers, business analysts, solution architects, and consultants, will be created. 

Tool: Business formation services

For first time entrepreneurs, forming a business may be an intimidating task. But this stress can be relieved by using the services of a business formation company. These companies provide a range of offers to entrepreneurs such as starting a business:

  • Filing the articles of organisation 
  • EIN registration 
  • Registered agent services
  • Forming operating agreements
  • Working directly with the state for the entrepreneur

To select a business formation service well suited to the entrepreneur and potential business, entrepreneurs are required to do extensive research before selecting a service. A business formation service can help an entrepreneur choose what type of business entity they want to form. To do so, entrepreneurs should consult this resource to find more information about their options. 

Communication tools

Healthy and effective communication in a business is vital to ensure productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. But managing communication is a difficult task, as it is time consuming. To assist businesses in managing communication, tools such as Google Docs and Join starting a business me have been designed to be capable assistants. Google Docs, which is a very popular tool, assists easy retrieval of documents and sharing of files seeing that they are stored on drive which may be shared between employees and possibly even clients. is a conferencing tool which allows employees and entrepreneurs to contact and present to employees and clients from remote locations. 

CRM and ERP tools starting a business

To ensure that sales are able to be completed at a faster and more effective rate, CRM and ERP tools can be used to digitise their inventory and sales process tracking. There are a range of software suited to perform this function. Hubspot CRM tracks customer interactions using automation features, Sellsy is a tool which is able to combine sales process data from a range of channels, and xTuple is an ERP solution which is integrated with a CRM system. 

The takeaway Low Interest weeding Loan

These apps and tools which were mentioned, are guaranteed to offer assistance to businesses, can improve efficiency and are able to lighten heavy work leads. For entrepreneurs to use these apps and tools while gaining optimal benefits, they should conduct more extensive research into these mentioned apps and tools, as well as their competitors, to gain a more informed understanding of their options and what would work best for their startup.