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10 Best Wix E-commerce Templates To Initiate Your Online Store

Ecommerce websites nowadays come with fantastic website designs and user interfaces to attract their customers and maintain the further relationship with your customers. You will find that not only are the online stores today marketing stunning products with friendly prices, but also the websites are beautiful to look and easy to navigate around. If you are already established on the products and prices but lack that elegance in your website’s layout to look chic, then we have a solution for you.

This Blog will show you ten best Wix e-commerce templates through which you can build a remarkable online store website without any hassles of hiring developers and graphic designers. 

What is Wix?

Wix is an Israeli web development company and a very well-know website builder who is known for its intuitive drag-and-drop editor to help create professional websites for entrepreneurs who don’t possess any technical knowledge. Wix also offers free tools for making logos, managing SEO, and even making alluring videos for non-technical online entrepreneurs.

So far, Wix has been offering more than 500 website templates, which are ready-to-use to help you check all your desired boxes in building an elite-looking website.

Wix’s e-commerce websites are:

  • Pleasing to look at. Their beautifully illustrated templates are created to match the latest design trends so that your business can look up-to-date and professional.
  • Easy to navigate. Their templates have the best user-friendly elements to let customers browse freely through your website and place orders.
  • Responsive. Wix’s e-commerce templates come with built-in responsiveness, which means your store will scale to fit any device your customers use.
  • Fully customizable. All their templates come with secure personalizing options like scroll effects, video backgrounds, and animation hover boxes to give a uniqueness to the website representing your brand.

Wix brings you templates that can personify your online e-commerce store very accurately with your business niche. All the Wix e-commerce templates can be tweaked to suit your requirements, may it be from focusing on showing the most products, displaying a balanced brand, or even centering on your socializing efforts. From all the Wix templates, we like these ten the best for you to check out:

1. Minimalistic store template

Generally, minimalistic website designs are observed in clothing brands and apparel that showcase simplicity. Apparel and clothing brands love to choose website designs that allow their customers to focus on the brand name as well as the products.

Visitors will get to be attentive to your store immediately with this template as it opens to an image slider where you can promote sales, display your best products, or tell a story that your brand represents. You can show your popular items or new arrivals with the featured items section with an action button for the users to see more products.

This sleek yet clean looking template comes with a ‘Quick View’ feature that will allow your customers to learn more about the product without leaving the home page. The minimalist store template is accompanied by a built-in blog page as well.

2. Urban store template

If you have been looking for a design that would make your website look eye-catching, then this urban store template is for you.

It has a split-screen layout that divides the window into two separate sections (in this instance, Shop Men or Women) to allow your users to visit a specific section of the website.

This template embraces Gen-Z yellow, which is an evolution of the millennial pink depicting vibrant hues of change and movement. This color is very popular with the next generation of creatives.

Other features of this template include showing full-width images for natural browsing, integrated Insta feed to display your latest posts, and a UGC section.

3. Vibrant store template

This Wix’s e-commerce template welcomes visitors with a full-width dynamic image that can be the best pick for jewelry or home accessory brands. If the color scheme doesn’t appeal to you, you can always use the drag-and-drop editor to change the fonts, image, colors, and more.

This template lets your users know that you are focusing on three vital sections of your e-commerce site: Shop, About, and Contact, resulting in a seamless surfing experience. The parallax scrolling effect on the website will trick the user that the background is moving slower than the objects in the front, resulting in a 3D experience.

4. Cozy store template

If you wish to showcase your product photography elegantly and intrigue shoppers to browse further through the online store, then this template is the best example. 

It comes with a split-screen layout and a full-color border design that stays fixated while your users scroll up and down the site. On the static frame that moves with the scrolling, you can display your social media reach-outs and display menu to check out social followings at any time.

This cozy store template comes with a built-in Instagram integration through which you can display your latest Instagram posts.

5. Lively store template

With lots of white space and pastel elements, this asymmetrical layout of Wix’s e-commerce template will surely make your brand stand out.

It gives you clickable banners throughout the homepage to allow your visitors to directly jump onto your product collections with whichever item that interests them. The product page has a simple yet straightforward design and helps your users sort the products by price or color.

Plus, you get to have a UGC section that can allow you to display social proof by exhibiting customer posts tagged using your brand Instagram hashtags. A newsletter subscription box at the end can also allow your visitors to stay in the loop with your brand.

6. High-end store template

This is a Wix e-commerce template that projects an elemental yet sophisticated outlook to your brand because of all the extra white space on the page. Due to this whiteness in the background, your customers will get to focus right into the business of your product displayed in the front.

The gliding elements of the page and the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top left corner helps minimize distractions for your user while navigating through your website. Your users can also connect with your social media accounts from the left side of the home page that displays social media icons.

This template is fashionably cute and also directs your users to your press page that gathers shoutouts and/or public announcements through the ‘As Seen On’ icon on the top right corner.

7. Refreshing store template

This invigorating split-screen template was initially designed for brands that cater to activewear and athleisure. But with its video header, this template is an excellent choice for any styled online apparel store.

The white space gives an exhilarating feel to the eye while browsing through the home page on which you can lead them to read the About section, the Store, and the Blog with three images.

Users can check out your latest store additions or your best-sellers as they scroll down through the home page. This template also accompanies your brand logo and store menu that stays permanently on sight while the visitors move up and down the page.

8. Chic store template

If you were ever looking to blend artistic expression with a must-have business functionality with your brand through your website, then say no more. If you are a jewelry designer, own an apparel brand, or simply want to sell fashion-forward products, you would know to showcase photo photography is what helps you market your items. And this template helps you do just that – display your artistic photography.

The layout starts with a striking split-screen design, which immediately changes into a display of full-screen collages as your customer scrolls down. Your brand’s name is strikingly shown at the center of the homepage permanently (like Ania Gaudin in this template). 

With an ‘Inspiration’ board, you can showcase your best-selling pieces or go on to share more photos of your product. The board comes with a ‘View More’ which lets the users get directed to your Instagram feed.

9. Colorful store template

If you want to display non-demanding elegance, then this colorful store template is the right choice for your first online store.

The headline and the action button on the front page of your homepage will stay put while the slider images act as a stage of displaying products beautifully. Upon further going down the website, your users will get to see your best sellers along with your recent six posts on Instagram that get updated directly on the page.

The header menu is cleanly divided into two sections: navigation on the left and social media links on the right, which positions your brand name in the center of it all.

10. Cheeky store template

If you want to associate your brand with vibrant pastel colors and blissful designs, then you should try this template to showcase just that.

Your products could be anything ranging from clothing, jewelry, or home decor; this template will leave your customers with a pleasant shopping experience. Its first page greets your customers with a slider gallery through which you can showcase lifestyle photos to make your customers scroll down for more.

This design shows no nonsensical stuff and straight away takes the user to the ‘New Arrivals’ section to get down to business. A ‘Shop All’ action button lets your customers dive into all your products displayed on one single page, which can be sorted by price, color, collection, and size.

Pricing on These Website Templates

Any Wix’s e-commerce template can be turned into a beautiful brand store by adding the Wix Stores app to your chosen template and upgrading to the Wix Business Premium Pan. Depending on your country, Wix e-commerce template price ranges from $17 to $35 to keep accessing and personalizing your online store. This amount is billed annually.

Create a stunning storefront

Creating an online e-commerce store just became more comfortable with Wix e-commerce templates. Through these templates, you can resonate with your ideas with how to pitch your brand, edit the sections to make the site more functional, and invite customers openly to check out what you have in store for everyone.

Your online e-commerce store doesn’t necessarily have to be a lengthy-looking website, but the consumers should be able to browse in and out of your collections effortlessly to compel them to buy from you.

Did you know about Wix e-commerce templates, or have you ever wanted to try one? Share your thoughts in the comments about these e-commerce templates!