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The major advantages and the process of wearing a Pukhraj stone

Pukhraj stone is can also be named as Yellow Sapphire stone or the Jupiter stone. But when it comes to India, then it is mostly known as Peetmani, Pushparag or Gururatna. According to Vedic astrology this stone mainly belongs to the family where other stones like blue sapphire and ruby belong to.

One can always buy Khannagems and in order to know if they are going for the right one, they must cheek the colour of the stone before buying. It has to be golden, yellow or orange in colour. There is another premium quality of pukhraj stone found and that it lemon yellowish in colour and of course, it is more expensive.

Before wearing a pukhraj stone, one must check the benefits that one can get after wearing it:

  • It is a stone which can actually do some great wonders when one wears them. But one always needs to wear them in the right way so that they can get the right benefits. Pukhraj can lead one to prosperity and one can get a betterment of life after wearing this. In Navaratna family, there are 9 gemstones and this one is considered to be the most beneficial. After wearing this stone, one’s financial status can also get improved.
  • This particular stone is considered to be very auspicious and according to Vedic astrology, if one wears this stone then it can bring mental peace. After wearing this stone, one can feel that there is more stability in their lives and their general health is also improving. It is said that one can also gain some spiritual knowledge after wearing this stone.
  • It is mainly advised to wear a yellow sapphire on a Thursday and that too with gold or pancha dhatu. It can give the wearer few quick results. If a married woman wears this stone then they can have a peaceful married life ahead.
  • As per many expert astrologers, this particular stone can also keep the evil spirits away. It can help one to increase their concentration on studies and so if one is thinking of pursuing higher studies, then they can go ahead and wear this stone. It can bring in a lot of focus.
  • If one is trying to get married and is constantly facing obstacles to find a perfect match for them, then this stone can be of big help. Wearing a pukhraj stone can help one to overcome marital issues.
  • It is also believed that yellow sapphire can unite the lovers who got separated because of some reasons. It can also ensure peace of mind and good health. One can be composed and calm after wearing this stone and they can focus on taking better decisions ahead.
  • Yellow sapphire stones are said to be very beneficial for the health of the wearer as well. When one wears it, this stone can prevent certain diseases like throat infection, jaundice, liver issues, ear infection and many more. Apart from that, it can also keep the blood circulation in a human body normal and hence the blood pressure level also remains normal there. It can also cure some other complicated health issues like skin troubles, pancreas problems, cerebral congestion and accumulation of fat in the arteries.

How to buy and wear the stone

Pukhraj stone is said to be the teacher of all the healthy planets and that is why; this stone is also considered to be the key to healthy living. As it has been mentioned above, it can bring wisdom and wealth both to an individual who wears this stone. According to many experts, this is one stone which mostly suits all but there is no harm in taking an advice from an astrologer. Otherwise, this stone can hamper the natural energetic fields in the astrological charts of an individual and this though rarely can bring adverse effects. So, why take the risk?

When this confirmation is done and if an astrologer asks one to wear this stone (in a particular amount of ratti) then one has to buy that stone first. It is advised to choose a Thursday morning during Shukla Paksha (ascending cycle of the Moon) to buy a yellow sapphire.

Once that is also done, one needs to keep in mind that they need to wear this stone on a Thursday dawn. When buying the stone, it is best to go to the certified dealers only and one has to embark this stone on a proper metal and in this case it is either gold or silver. The stone has to be set in such a way that it should have a mounted back. By this, the stone will keep touching the finger and hence the positive energy will be channelized through that. It is also advised by the astrologer that pukhraj stone has to be worn on the first or the index finger of the right hand. One also needs to wear an unheated yellow sapphire in order to get the best results from the stone.

Before wearing this stone, one has to sit on the North, East or the North East position and take a yellow coloured cloth to sit on that. Dip the stone in the cow milk for at least 10 minutes and then clean it with the Gangajal before wearing it. According to many experts who have experience in astrological studies, this stone once worn can show its effects to the wearer for 3 to 4 years. When this stone is worn one has to clean them regularly with the help of a brush. This is because; if dust gets accumulated on the stone then it can also reduce the effect of the stone.

No matter what, but one can only wear this gemstone if an experienced astrologer has asked them to wear it. One can check the pukhraj gemstone price from Khanna gems because they are reliable and sell authentic and well as certified gemstones. They are doing this business for more than 30 years and so one can easily trust them.