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OffersFX Review – Assets Trade With A Difference

The factors that surround the financial assets trading market are quite numerous. The ability of an asset trade investor to manage these factors to properly gear them towards amazing profit margins is what the assets trading market is all about. There are numerous financial assets with which an investor can make a profitable living off.  These assets include hard currency known as forex (Dollars, Euro, Yen and more), Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and more), Company shares (apple shares, and Google shares). Embedded within all classes of financial assets is a limitless stream of profitable income prospects.

The major factor upon which the financial asset trading market is built upon is that of the volatile nature of money. The volatile nature of a lot of the fiat currency units available makes its value dwindle and sway with the flowing thread of events and happenings around such currency. This volatile nature of money (currency) is what financial asset traders take advantage of, as they buy a currency with its proportional value in another currency when its price is low, and sell off when such a currency’s price increases in value.

There are many platforms that make financial assets trading possible for investors of various classes to trade their assets. The challenge with financial assets investments is not getting a broker, but getting a reliable broker with a formidable platform for trade execution. There are brokers who promise so much but deliver so little, and there are others who are out to defraud unsuspecting traders of their hard-earned money. These challenging circumstances that surround the assets trade world are why an investor must have proper background scrutiny of his/her broker, before committing any reasonable amount of money to its platform.

The choice of an investment broker can make or mar the investment goals of a trader, choosing the wrong broker can destroy a financial assets investor while choosing the right broker can lead to an overnight success trading experience for the trader.

OffersFX is one of the many investment brokers available, and if you would like to invest in financial assets, you should check its platform out as it offers some very unique features. Follow along as we review the OffersFX platform.


Trading accountsDemo account, Real trading account
Trading platformsWeb-based trader, Mobile app (android & IOS)
Assets coverageCFDs, Shares, Commodities, Forex, and Indices
DepositsVISA card, MasterCard, Skrill, AstroPay, Neteller, Load, and Jeton.
Education and TrainingYes: Video tutorials, courses, Glossary, Blog.
Trader ToolsCFDs, Trading, Opening positions, Closing positions, Leverage and Margin, Risk control order types, Risk management tools, Instrument types, et cetera.
Language OptionsMultiple Languages: English and more
Customer supportWeb-chat,Email and telephone. Twenty four hours of support
CryptocurrenciesBitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dash coin (DASH), Ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP), Neo, Monero, and more

OffersFX is a financial assets investment broker which majors in the CFD (Contract For Difference) niche of the assets trade market. The CFD services offered on the OffersFX platform cover a very wide range of financial market options which make the platform a very versatile and suitable one for any kind of trader. OffersFX offers CFDs on shares, forex, commodities and indices.

The OffersFX platform is a multi-award winning platform, with awards spanning the whole expanse of Europe and beyond. The awards labelled with the OffersFX brand are highly deserved because it is a platform that aims to help the trader make the best of his/her money.

Education is a major stronghold of this amazing broker platform as it provides countless educational resources to guide its clients to make the most of their trading experience. Clients of this broker, whether beginners or experienced, can find resource materials to increase their knowledge and learn new things about the financial market.

OffersFX also offers a lot of insightful tools to help simplify complex trade data for the benefit of traders on its platform. These trading tools are designed to help the clients of the company to have pleasant trading experience in the financial market.

The customer service agents of OffersFX are available to tend to customer queries round the clock. As a result of its knowledge of the trading environment, the clients of the company are at safe hands to get solutions to any of their trading challenges.

The OffersFX platform is available both on a web-based trader as well as a mobile application. With this, traders on this broker’s platform can trade on the go and have access to all the features, and trading tools that can guarantee high profits in the market.


Demo and Live Trade Account Options

The OffersFX platform provides a demo account with which its customers can get accustomed to the trading environment. The demo account is an account that is pre-credited by OffersFX with some units of virtual currency. With this virtual currency, a trader can go about trade activities without any limitations. The only thing that makes a demo account different from the other account option available on the OffersFX platform is that the profit or loss made from a demo account does not have real stakes.

This implies that the profit from demo trades can only be used to make more demo trades, it cannot be withdrawn or sent to another account. The losses made from a demo account are also deducted from the currency units provided for the trader on his/her demo account, but they do not have any real stakes because the demo account is majorly for practicing the art of assets trading.

The availability of this demo account makes the OffersFX platform a very viable one and this is because traders can use the demo account to test-run their trading activities in the financial market and try out new market tactics before actually putting in real stakes into the investment of the assets. This account is especially great for amateurs of the assets trading market as it helps traders to accurately familiarize themselves with the trading environment and conditions. Even expert traders can use the demo account option to test run some technical trades before staking real assets into investment. It is advisable for a trader to trade and record a relatively high rate of trade success with a demo account before investing real assets.

The other account option provided on the OffersFX platform is the live trading account. On this account, the stakes are real and so a profit made using a live trading account can be withdrawn or used to execute more trade actions. The losses made using a live trading account on the OffersFX platform are also real as they reduce the value of the investor’s assets.

The only difference between a live trading account and a demo trading account is that the stakes are real on the live trade account while they are not on the demo trade account.

Newbie or expert, and whatever your trading experience level, you can be sure the OffersFX platform has something in the plan for you.

The demo account provided on the OffersFX platform makes the platform even better for traders, as you can just choose to register and not fund your account, while you test the trading capacity of the platform on your demo account. When you are convinced of the prowesses available on the platform, all you just need to do is to switch over to a live account where your investment stakes are real.

There are two live trading account options on the OffersFX platform:

OffersFX Standard Account: This trading account is suitable for both beginner traders and experienced ones. The account comes with a minimum deposit of $250 and is suitable for traders with a low level of risks in the market. The account has a desktop and mobile trader functionality, a Demo account, and complete customer support.

OffersFX Premium Account: The premium trading account is designed for expert traders in the financial market. The account has a $1000 minimum deposit and an exclusive welcome bonus. Traders on this account also enjoy the use of the desktop and mobile trading platform of the broker.

Numerous Financial Trading Assets

The design of the OffersFX platform put into consideration the fact that the financial market is a very volatile market and so the price of commodities and assets dwindle every dawning day (if not every passing minute). This is why the OffersFX platform provides a wide database of financial assets coverage. This wide coverage is to help ensure the trading success of traders on its platform. The OffersFX platform provides this wide assets database to help its clients keep up with the trending and most profitable assets available in the assets trade market. Clients of OffersFX can choose to trade with a unique mix of trade assets or just focus their entire trade career around a particular asset niche, whatever the case may be – the OffersFX platform has all a trader needs to make excellent profit margins in his/her trading career.

The assets available on the OffersFX platform include but are not limited to: CFDs (Contract For Difference), Indices, Commodities, Shares, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Bonds, and CFDs list. Each of these assets has a diverse range of unique ways by which an assets trader can make profit. A trader has it all on the OffersFX platform because, depending on his/her trading choices, the profit opportunities are just numerous.

There are so many traders today, who have made large amounts of money trading only one single asset. Likewise, there are investment brokers who have designed their platforms for amazing profit margins through just a single asset class, hence, you can then begin to imagine what a trader can do with all the assets available on the OffersFX platform. Although, OffersFX majors its assets around the CFD circle, it has provided all the other assets to help its clients get the best of their money through a dynamic mix of innovative trading options.

The OffersFX platform brings the financial assets investment universe to your table and lets you choose your pick, trading with such an investment broker can only be amazing.

Education and Trading Tools

The education segment of the OffersFX platform contains a lot of resources to help a trader become successful in the assets trade business. The educational resources available on the OffersFX platform include video tutorials, courses and a comprehensive glossary.

OffersFX provides all these resources to help the trader make the best of his/her trading experience. The OffersFX platform seeks to empower traders on its platform for the best possible profit margins and that is why it has committed numerous resources into educating traders on its platform.

For a newbie investor, the OffersFX platform is a good place to learn the art of trading, because of the amazing educational resources available on its platform, and for expert investors, the OffersFX platform offers courses that delve into the most complex of trading issues that surround the financial assets market. No matter your level on the hierarchy of the trade ladder, the OffersFX platform has something to empower you for more trade success.

The OffersFX platform also provides a lot of insightful tools to help guide the trade decisions of investors on its platform. These tools are useful for all investor classes because they simplify complex market data to help the understanding of the investor and guide him/her towards success.

Multiple Trading Platforms

The OffersFX platform is available on a web-based trader as well as a mobile application to keep traders updated with their trading activities on the go. With the web trader, clients of the broker can have access to all the trading options and tools provided by the broker. Besides, the mobile trading platform helps traders to trade on the go, irrespective of their locations, and at any time of the day.

Amazing Security Provisions

The challenge of trade security is why many investment brokers are out of business today because they have not been able to keep fraudsters out of their platform. The security provisions available on a broker’s platform should always be double-checked to ensure the safety of its platform before funding an account on such a platform.

The security provisions available on the OffersFX platform are powered by cutting edge innovative technologies, and the transactions performed on its platform are encrypted so as to ensure the safety of clients’ trade orders. The OffersFX platform keeps the funds of its clients in segregated accounts. This measure is a fail-proof measure to ensure the safety of the funds of OffersFX’s clients in the eventuality that its platform is hacked by fraudsters.

Furthermore, the broker has keyed into the international security policy of the KYC (Know Your Customers) and the AML (Anti-Money Laundering). With this measure, traders on the broker’s platform must go through a verification process when opening their trading accounts.

Round The Clock Customer Service

The OffersFX platform provides a responsive support system for traders on its platform, and it does this by all the means available at its disposal. One of the ways by which the OffersFX platform supports its clients is its customer service. 

The agents of the OffersFX platform’s customer service are available to attend to clients round the clock. A client can reach the customer service agents of the OffersFX platform through a dedicated telephone number shown on its website. A client with a query can also reach the customer service agents of the OffersFX platform through its social media handles, email as well as mailing to its office address if necessary.

Multiple Language Options

The services of the OffersFX platform are available in thirty-five language options that cut across many regions of the world.


Trading in the financial assets market is enjoyable when done through the channel of a good broker. The OffersFX brokerage platform is one formidable investment broker you should consider for your trading investment.