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IPL: Why Do People Love It So Much?

The Indian Premier League (IPL)  has been there for more than a decade now and people are loving it like anything.  Whether you talk about the new generation or the older one; you find everyone coloured in the charm of IPL. After all, people love to hear ipl cricket news and stay informed about every inch of the cricket arena. Indeed, the fan following of IPL has been amazingly outstanding.

For so many years now, many people consider IPL as the festival of India. Yes, it is no less than one. People take leave from the office to watch the game and many are always in a hurry to return from the work and relax an watch this game. Indeed, you would not see anyone watching anything else on television during the season of IPL. Such is the charm and charisma of this type of inning.

The big bash league, even the Caribbean premier league, and numerous other leagues throughout the cricketing world owe their accomplishment to one and only the IPL. There is not a smidgen of doubt that a lot of dinero has been pumped in to make IPL what it is really in the present time and the cricketers are the biggest recipient of this. But it is also true that IPL not have been successful without the warmth and zeal of the fans. So, if you are a fan of IPL, you deserve a pat on your back too! And if you are still wondering what makes IPL so adored and cherished then here are some incredible points for you to walk through:

Shorter duration & Match timing 

When T20 cricket got introduced, the purpose was to bring back followers who may not have the overall time to watch five-day-long test match cricket. Certainly, there were the purists who would any day prefer that test cricket over the T20 matches. But there was a usual feeling that in this quick-moving world, T20 was the requirement of the hour for the game of cricket. You know what, T20 fetched a new genre of spectators who preferred the format because of the shorter duration it has.

Then IPL was an effort to take that vision ahead. Given the fan following for the post of cricket in India, it was a no-brainer that IPL had a massive-sized potential to succeed. The organizers did an amazing job in choosing the timings of the matches. Evening schedules ensured that fans might simply finish their daily work and watch a game of cricket that would simply last three hours. And it proved to be suitable for everyone, be it the school-going children or the office goers. So, the point is simple, the IPL has actually aimed at the availability of the fans and ensured that it made its place in the souls of the people at large.

The pinch of drama 

Over the past ten years, IPL has seen its overall fair share of drama both on and off the cricket field. On the cricket field, you might have seen some really closed and crucial finishings. There have been countless occasions when the match has been definite in the very last over. This simply meant that the fans stayed glued to their television sets until the quite end. Come on, a true cricket fan might not simply ask for more.

On the other side , IPL has experienced and seen a lot of action off the cricket field as well. The publicity around the players‘ auction or even the grand parties thrown by the team owners pervaded glamour in the gentleman’s game. People love cricket & even Bollywood and IPL was the perfect marriage between the overall two.

Then there have also been some unwelcome controversies that on occasion have put a question mark on the overall league itself. But such on and off-field examples have promised that IPL has always stayed in the thick of overall things.

A family game 

IPL has definitely fetched everyone in the family back to the sport of cricket.  Indians conventionally give a lot of value to the family system and even for an average Indian, a shape of entertainment is the finest when it can be relished by everyone in the family. Back in the times of 1990s, cricket was definitely a family sport but gradually few people started losing interest in it.

Test match cricket and even that of Odis were too much time taking to fit in simply the category of a short family outing. But an IPL game of simply 3 hours was a definitely god sent a family entertainer. It had even emotion, drama and of course suspense. In short, it was the ideal alternative to a matinee show.

Opportunity to See all international stars perform on a single stage

It has been the dream of every cricket fan to watch the greats of the games together on the overall field. Fans often fantasized about what would take place when Sachin Tendulkar would bat alongside Senath Jayasuriya or even in recent times when AB de Villers bats simply with the star Virat Kohli. Their wish was IPL’s command and even no fan looked for to missing such a great opportunity. Such are the international stars (both Indian and abroad) were the crowd pullers and even every team promised they have a robust pool of international stars. You know what, the presence of overseas stars even meant that IPL was followed beyond India. For instance, a fellow in South Africa might support Royal Challengers Bangalore simply because of his adoration for AB de Villiers.

These stars also assisted in elevating the standard of the general game and this had a positive influence on the Indian youngsters who do share a dressing room with their heroes and tried to simply learn from them.


To sum up, you can check out ipl sports news and ensure that you don’t stay behind in anything when it comes to your favorite players. Indeed, since you know the charm and charisma of IPL, you should not miss out on it.