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History of weed

The history of marijuana cultivation of the plant dates back thousands of year. In Chinese records it’s from 28th century nearly about 3,000 year. But in Hinduism history people said that it came from lord Shiva.

Types of cannabis

Cannabis plant is perhaps the world most recognizable plant. It is generally found that two type of flower male and female but some plants have both. As globally types of here are three types of marijuana

 Cannabis Sativa: One of the best things about cannabis sativa plant is it will come in different variations. Some plants are extra tall skinny as well as short and smaller.

Cannabis Indica: It was firstly originated by a French biologist in late 1700s by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. He also identified that the plant are intoxicating.

Cannabis Rudderless: You seen that People were rarely talking about this. It is used to produce auto flowers. They were growing in northerly climate.

Healthy marijuana

Marijuana is the mostly and commonly used illegal will play a vital role in health effect on body and brain. Weed uses directly affected our brain which are classified in cerebellum,cerebrum,medulla specially affected the brain responsible for memory, attention, learning decision making .some researcher found that if you are taking in a limited amount weed in a proper way it will decrease your body disease like cancer, chronic pain, lungs problem heart problem.

Why cannabis should be legal

Marijuana has got a bad impression in all over the world people should think that it is illegal drug but I would like to inform you that it is very good for body as well as health but many people around world vocally support to ban marijuana but the good news is that people is changing over the world now people should think that how marijuana is good for medical and health system. According to world health organization there is multiple benefits for medical and health. There are some rumors like over dose of marijuana causes death but according to world health organization there is no death have been reported due to over dose of marijuana .Research conducted by team it is safer than many legalized has very lesser side effect than many popular drugs,

Online marijuana

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Economic effect

There is a laundry list for economic reason. They will give you a very good a research conducted in 2017-18 there is near around 50 billion of tax revenue to be collected. After legalizing marijuana there is large number of job creation will happen that directly increase your economy with huge number. Overall at all point of view it is good for all government have to legalize.