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Top 6 Advantages of cPanel Web Hosting

A good web hosting, we all know, is critical to the success of any website or online portal. However, what does a good Web Hosting encompass? A good web hosting is the one that ensures that your website loads fast, your data is safe, and you get 24X7 customer support. Most importantly, a good web hosting is the one that is easy to manage. 

Is it possible to get all of these features and facilities, in one single web hosting? Well, yes! cpanel webhosting is one of the most popular types of Webhosting that we have today. Let us tell you what cPanel hosting is, and its advantages and disadvantages, in this article. First, let’s have a look at what cPanel actually is. 

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a Linux-based control panel widely used for managing web hosting accounts. cPanle lets you manage a variety of services conveniently, as a webmaster. These include website settings, installation of plugins, creation of new ids, creation of subdomains, updating the webpages, monitoring of key metrics, security, and more. With cPanel, the efficiency of your web hosting increases manyfold. No doubt, cPanel is industry standard today, with a majority of web developers and administrators using it as their primary resource for web hosting management. 

What cPanel Webhosting actually is? 

cPanel Web Hosting is nothing but a Linux web hosting that comes with cPanel pre-installed and uses it to manage the hosting, by default. In other words, it is the amalgamation of a web hosting service, and a web hosting management service, which cPanel is. This integrated web hosting actually has many amazing advantages for the web developer/manager, which we’ll have a look at, next. 

Advantages of cPanel

Best-n-industry User Interface

One of the greatest advantages of cPanel is its excellent and user-friendly user interface. A cursory glance at the UI of other web hosting management tools available in the market would tell you that cPanel is easily the best in the industry. The cPanel UI is not only easy to use and navigate, but is also charming with its look, feel, and the vibrancy. 

Though the panel hosts an unusually large number of features and buttons, they have been skillfully arranged in the form of icons, which looks amazing and boosts the accessibility of the control panel. This is important, as one has to spend long hours working and monitoring stiff through cPanel, and the user interface is something that cannot be compromised upon. 

 Supports a Majority of Web Operating Systems 

Another great thing about cPanel has is it supports almost all the important and popularly used web-based operating systems. These include operating systems like Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, Free BSD, Trustix, and more. This offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of managing your website over any OS. 

A Wide Array of Add-ons and Supplementary Softwares

Add-ons, plug-ins, and supplementary software are important to enhance the capability of your website as you advance through your online journey. It also helps you add personalized features to the website, as per your business requirements. The great thing about cPanel is that it not only supports a variety of add-ons, but also lets you install set-up, and manage them quite easily. Together, it makes your cPanel Webhosting experience an even better one. 

Some examples of the add-ons supported by cPanel include third-party software like Fantastico. Further, cPanel PRO is an addon offered by the creators of cPanel itself, and it offers many advanced features and functionalities like a built-in submission form! 

A Fairly Affordable Low-Cost Hosting Management Solution

cPanel, no doubt, has a clear advantage when it comes to pricing. It’s an absolutely low-cost solution when purchased through datacentres and service providers. The priding for cPanel Webhosting subscription starts from as low as $25.00/month. This is significantly less than the hundreds of dollars that you might need to spend on a monthly basis when going with another kind of web hosting. However, what is important is to find the best deal online, and keep looking for offers and discount codes on cPanel Webhosting

Availability of a Variety of Skins

cPanel is an easily skinnable web application. This can prove to be of great advantage to the end client, that is, the user. Today, many skinning services have come up with excellent clones of the app and offering additional services to the users. For example, we have cPanel skills like iCandy and cPanel XP 2004 with great interface design. In fact, the cPanel XP 2004 skin set also integrates WHM API, which is a great advantage on a day-to-day basis.  

Excellent User Support & Regular Updates

This is something that truly puts cPanel Webhosting far ahead of the competition. cPanel is known for its excellent client service, and you can approach them whenever and wherever you are struck. Further, cPanel keeps releasing new updates and installation to the software on a regular basis. This ensures that you as the user do not miss out on anything and are always ahead of the time! 

These were some of the important features and advantages of cPanel Webhosting services. No doubt, it is one of the best web hosting services to go for. So if you are planning to purchase a web hosting, give it a shot!