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Symptoms and Causes of Infertility in Men

Impotency can stop you from enjoying regular love life. People are still hesitant to learn more about causes of impotency and infertility in men. This taboo associated with reproductive health affects lives. People are hesitant to talk openly about reproductive health problems. Few men ever open up regarding impotency issues they are facing. It is important to understand the underlying reasons of male impotency and infertility issues. 

Here we have shared a list of causes and risk factors that may result in infertility issues in men. Read along and get informed about these causes:

Damage Caused Due to Cancer

Cancer is known to be a life-threatening disease. Thanks to the intensive research in this field, now cancer can be cured. However, cancer is still a very serious disease. The disease and its treatment have several adverse effects on the individual’s body. Treatments like cancer medicines and chemotherapy may result in infertility in men.

The chemotherapy may affect the sperm production in the body. It may also affect the quality of the sperm produced. If you are suffering from cancer and don’t have offspring, you may consider freezing the sperms. These sperms maybe later used to have your own children through IVF.

Abnormal Sperm Production or Functioning

There could abnormal sperm production due to a number of health reasons.

Here we have listed a couple of conditions that may result in this:

  • Individuals with varicocele (enlarged veins in the testes) may have abnormal sperm production.
  • Individuals with an undescended testicle may also suffer from abnormal sperm production.
  • Infections such as gonorrhoea, mumps and HIV are also known to affect the sperm production in men.
  • Diabetes could be another risk factor for abnormal sperm production.
  • Genetic defects could also be another risk factor.

Overexposure to Adverse Environmental Factors

Individuals who are exposed to adverse environmental factors are also at a greater risk of infertility.

There could be many different adverse environmental factors as listed below:

  • Individuals working in hazardous chemical factories who are continually exposed to these chemicals may stand a greater chance of infertility.
  • Individuals working in pesticide factories also are at a greater risk of developing infertility.
  • Adverse health habits like smoking and drinking also affect the fertility of men adversely.
  • Use of anabolic steroids and marijuana also increase the chances of infertility in men.
  • Sperm production may also be affected by frequent exposure to high heat in saunas and hot bath tubs.
  • Medicines used to treat bacterial infections, depression and hypertension are also known to affect fertility in men.

Problems Associated with the Delivery of the Sperm

In some cases, the infertility in men is the result of problems in delivery of the sperm. This could happen during premature ejaculation. This could also happen when a man is suffering from blockage in the testicle, damage to the reproductive organ, cystic fibrosis or other similar medical conditions.

Use of Tobacco Products

One of the major causes of infertility in men is tobacco addiction in India. Use of products like cigarette, Khaini, Ghutka, Paan and other tobacco products may have long-lasting effects on the reproductive health. This is one reason why awareness is being spread against the use of tobacco products. Stop these habits immediately to live a happy love life.

Excessive Weight Gain

Excess weight gain and obesity are known to have long lasting effects on your health. This is the reason why one needs to maintain proper bodyweight. Overweight people also stand a higher chance of becoming infertile. Men need to understand this. They need to ensure they maintain proper bodyweight.

You can achieve this by doing regular exercise. You should also cut down on consumption of junk foods. Eat healthy and nutritious foods. These help you feel energetic but do not add to your bodyweight excessively.


Older men are more prone to infertility issues. Men over the age of 40 are known to be less fertile compared to their younger counterparts. However, if you are healthy, age alone does not cause the decline in fertility.

Excessive Use of Alcohol

Alcohol addiction over long periods have adverse effects on fertility. Men who have excessive alcohol may have reduced sperm counts. However, within limits, alcohol consumption may not cause any harm.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

There are several other contributors to infertility in men. These are unhealthy lifestyle habits. In the long run, these habits tend to affect fertility in men. Here we have listed these for reference:

Lack of Exercise: The body needs activity to stay healthy. People who do not exercise on a regular basis tend to have lower metabolism. It is important to set some time out for exercise. It will also help in maintaining proper bodyweight.

Improper Sleep Routine: Most people tend to take their sleep for granted. Sleep has a major role to play in mental health. Individuals who do not get the required amount of sleep suffer from a wide range of psychological problems. They may suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and other mental conditions. These in turn may affect the sexual performance of the person.

Unhealthy Food Habits: Regular consumption of junk foods tend to add to the bodyweight. However, it does not provide the necessary nutrition. This could affect the sperm production as well as the quality of the sperms. It is vital that you pick the right foods inorder to stay healthy.

Addictions: Get rid of any kind of addictions. Most people know of smoking, drinking and drugs as addictions. However, there are other forms of addictions too that you need to be wary of. Mobile addiction and shopping addiction are some examples. These too have an adverse impact on your overall well-being.

Excessive Use of Medicines: Some people have the habit of consuming medicines for every little thing. It is surely not a good idea. Many antibiotics tend to have adverse effects on a man’s reproductive health. It would be better to try natural ways to deal with minor health ailments. This would help to improve your immunity. It will prevent other major health problems from arising too.

When should you seek doctor’s help for male infertility issues?

Infertility maybe temporary or permanent. You may not know when it is essential to contact a doctor for infertility issues.

Here we have explained when it could become necessary:

  • You may take the infertility issue seriously if your family has a history of infertility issues.
  • You may consult a doctor if you are facing infertility issues after a treatment for cancer.
  • You may also seek the doctor’s advice if you have prostate, testicular or other sexual health issues.

The doctor will evaluate your condition and he can prescribe the best GV pills for treatment.