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Secrets to Find the Perfect Looking & Fitting T-shirt

The way a T-shirt fits says a lot about its wearer. The perfect-fitting clothing is those that emphasize parts of the body you’re proudest of, without drawing attention to the areas you’re conscious. If you are in the quest of a perfect fitting T-Shirt, you can follow some rules to find the perfect fitting t-shirt:

  • Shoulder – Look for that T-shirt whose seams rest perfectly on the edge of your shoulders.
  • Sleeves – Try to buy that T-Shirt that are not extending to your elbow, if you are not able to find one try to give the sleeves a couple of folds.
  • Length – Go for that T-Shirts that is long enough to be tucked into your trousers, something that comes to your hip bone.
  • Stomach – Try to go with something that is not too tight and also not that too loose. Tight T-Shirt will expose every detail of your stomach and if it is loose then you won’t see the shape of your body.
  • Neck – Buy that T-Shirt that does not becomes tight when you raise your arms up.

So, the next question is what comes after the Perfect Fitting Embroidered Polo Shirt, Lets answer this

  • A great fit – Any type of clothing that complements your body shapes and preferences. This one is the toughest to find.
  • Colour Durability: Try to go with a branded clothing as their color will not fade away after numerous washes.
  • Shape Durability: The shape is the most important thing, but many t-shirts that have been produced using low quality materials lose their shape with time.

Now we look at some of the most famous kinds of T-Shirt that exist in the market, try to go with that style that amplifies your overall look.

  • Slim Fit: This is perfect if you want to show off your body figure.
  • Classic Fit: If you are looking for a comfortable then this one is the best choice.
  • Modern Fit: If you are looking for something stylish, this is your best bet.

The desired properties of the Perfect T-Shirt can be grouped in the following three categories that I am going to mention down below:

  1. Fit- Fitting should be the number one criteria when looking for the perfect T-Shirt. Yet ironically, most T-Shirts seem to fall short in this category, The most occurring dilemma people face are two; the first one is that they find a t-shirt they like, but it doesn’t fit or if it fits, then you will not be able to find the desired style, design and color.
  • Quality – This is also an important point to consider if you are looking to buy a new T-Shirt, the general problems that consumer faces are as follows:
  • Fading: When the color starts to fade with certain number of washes
  • Shrinking: When the size decreases after every wash, this happens due to low grade fabric
  • Pilling: Those annoying, little balls of cotton that form on the surface of fabrics, it makes the surface thinner.
  • Price – Again, this is crucial to consider as nobody wants to invest a fortune in buying a simple Customised Clothing piece. Price is one of the most critical factors for the end consumer; generally, a good quality T-Shirt is usually higher as the resources required to make one is quite complicated.

It is a human tendency to hang on to the things we like, but some affairs just aren’t meant to last. The same goes for your love for your favorite T-Shirt. To keep up with the latest trends, you need to move on from your current favorite style to something new that amplifies your personality and adds value to your wardrobe.