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Quickest Method for rug steam cleaning

Rugs are very expensive; therefore, it is important to keep them clean. Cleansing at home is not effective most of the time; therefore, you need to find rug steam cleaning services in your area to clean the rugs. The rugs become dirty due to the pets and the foot traffic; spills on the rugs also make them dirty. If you think that vacuuming would suffice, well, it won’t clean it truly. We are going to discuss the quickest method for the rug steam cleaning in Melbourne. Some people have a schedule in mind for cleaning rugs, generally once in a year. On the other hand, the experts believe that there should not be any schedule; you could clean the rugs whenever they look dirty. 

Supplies and the tools

The first step is to gather all the supplies and tools for cleaning the rugs. Rug steam cleaning companies have rug shampoo, water, sponge, soft bristle brush, and a bucket. Some additional items used by the rug steam cleaning include garden hose, rubber gloves, and wet-dry vacuum. 

Start by removing debris and dirt

Start by removing the dirt and debris by thoroughly vacuuming both sides of the rugs. Make sure that every small bit of the debris is gone from the rug. You should use brush attachments as well if you have pets in your home, the brush attachments would clean the lingering hairs of pets from the rugs. 

Use the cleaner

Now you need to mix the cleaner, use rug shampoo, the shampoo you selected have specific instructions. Make sure you are following them. You can also use dish detergent by mixing warm water in the bucket. Avoid using the hot water as it can cause fading or shrink the rugs at times. 

Color test

Rug Steam cleaning uses the color test before starting the cleaning process to ensure that the cleaner does not damage the color. You can test the cleaner on the corners of rugs to make sure that color isn’t affected. It is safe to use if the color does not run.

Use a brush to wash it

Now you need to use the soft-bristle brush or the sponge to wash the rug. Ensure that the cleaner sits on the rug for at least 8 minutes before you start washing it. The cleaner needs some time to set in the rug and lift the dirt from it, and less time would not give you the desired results.

Now rinse it

Use a bucket of the clean water or the garden hose to rinse the soap from the rugs. Ensure that the cleaning solution is completely removed from the rug, and the water running out from it is clear.

Remove water

When the cleaning is done, you should remove all the excess water from the rugs to ensure that it dries faster. Cleaning companies are using a vacuum to remove excess water. You can also squeeze the rugs to remove water from them.

Dry the rugs

After removing the water from the rugs, let it dry. You can lay the rugs flat to ensure that the top of the rug is completely dried. When this side is dried, flip it over to let the other side dry. The drying process could be sped up by using fans, and the rugs should be completely dry before returning them to the room.

Vacuum the rug

Fibers and threads are often stuck into the rugs during the cleaning process, run a vacuum on the dry rugs, or use a soft brush to remove them.

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Rugs are expensive and hard to replace; therefore, keeping your rugs clean is important. Rug steam cleaning services can increase the life of your rugs and impress the visitors to your room. 

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