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Pro Tips: How To Polish Your Car At Home

Don’t afford to buy a new car and still want to revamp your old one? We are here to back you up with our used cars in Dubai for sale. Still don’t want to spend a whole lot and want a new look? Polishing your car is a way to give your car a whole new fresh look! You can do it yourself cheaper than a visit for a paint job. Here are some tips to polish your car at home! 

Tip 1: Wash It Well: 

Before any new polish application, the car is supposed to be clean, It needs a thorough external washing before starting the process. Washing the car might seem like an easy process but keeping up with the timing is important. You have to wash your car when it is cooled down. You have to wash your car when it is at rest for a while after a drive and when the sun is down. Washing your car when hot, would make the base patchy and dry making it hard to apply the polish evenly. It is essential to remove all the dirt for a perfect coat. 

Never use dish washing liquid to wash your car as it leaves stains on the car’s metal surface. You can use a hand washing soap or liquid to wash your car. You need to dry your car before application to remove any stains by using a dry cloth. It is important that you don’t let your car air dry. 

Tip 2: Know Your Method: 

If you are polishing your car at home it is rare that you would be using a machine. Most people use their hands, while some having access to mechanical tools use a machine polisher. It is important to determine your method. When you are applying by hand you need polish, foam applicator pads and a microfiber cloth.

In case you want to use a machine polisher to save time, it is essential to study the manual before practical use. There are different types of machine polishers with different mechanics. The basic machine polisher comes with only the polishing tool unable to remove any residue. You have to cover the details by hand.  However, in a dual-action machine polisher you can apply the polish as well as remove residue by simply shifting between the heads. Most machines function best at level three and four, yet read the manual before putting it to action. 

It is also essential to have good quality products. Putting in all the effort and not having the right polish would ruin your finishing look.  

Tip 3: Application Process:

Applying polish by hand is a hard and tricky thing to do; it is time consuming and can be very hectic. Hence, it is important to know how to apply before you challenge your muscles. For application, you need to put the product on the foam application pads and start rubbing it on the surface in circular motion until it completely soaks on the surface. Then use a microfiber cloth to rub off any residue, scratches or smudges. Apply the polish in 2-3 coats and finish with applying car wax for shine. 

When using a machine, make sure you attach the foam application pads to the machine. Use the machine at 3 or 4 levels and move in a circular motion. If using a basic machine polisher use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any residue or scratches. While using a dual-action machine polisher change the heads and do the detailing. 

Tip 4: Manage The Product: 

Believing that more polish would make your car glow is a common mistake when polishing a car. Using more polish would make the polish smudge and make the finish blotchy. It is important to use less polish and rub it well inside the surface. It is important to remove the scratches and cover details in all places. 

A shining car can give you the satisfaction one cannot imagine. This glistening surface is quite worth the effort. Being handy and fulfilling your desire for a shining car seems very satisfying. In case you fear for your aching arms, go check out our website for cars for sale in Dubai! Right out of the car lot, shining bright as a diamond.