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Play Online Fantasy Cricket Games

Cricket is one of the most favourable game if it’s in real life or a fantasy game. People are getting attracted by fantasy games at a fast pace. These fantasy games let people gain real simulation effects and fun of playing games online either on the computer or mobile phone. Nowadays online sports apps help people to earn money on the online gaming platform. There are several apps to play fantasy cricket online for those who love to play fantasy games. For every individual, it will be an interesting concept where you can earn only by playing games.

Want to play fantasy cricket games?

· Download the sports apps: To get your fantasy sports app, you need to register your mobile number, and then you can get a downloading link. You just need to click on the link and the file will start downloading. After the registration process, you will be able to play online cricket games and earn more with 22bet Review

· Select a match: When you successfully have done the sports apps installation, you can play different matches. If you are new and don’t know the rules and don’t have any knowledge of cricket fantasy games, you can select a practice contest. And if you know the rules then you can play with real cash and earn too. You can also play private matches with your near and dear ones by sharing invitation code with them.

· Make a dream team: To play the desired match you can select a fantasy team and it should be of 11 players. These 11 players include a wicketkeeper, 3-5 batsmen & bowlers, and 1-3 all-rounder. You can select all the players by yourself.

· Decide star player & captain: The next step you need to decide and select the star player and captain. These players will help to gain 2 x points with a star player and 1.5 x points with a captain.

· Join paid pot: If you wish to join then you need to pay pot of Rs 25. This payment can be done through the bonus cash that is given to you.

· Start earning points: You can start earning points on a live match. This live match will be played by your selected team and based on your team performance you can start your earning.

· Winner declaration: The winner and player’s ranking will be provided at the end of the match. Based on the live match performance the overall winner will be announced.

All your earning bonus and points completely depends on your selected fantasy team. If you want the highest possible gain then it is important to choose the team players wisely.

v Batsmen selection

· For creating a team, there should be a minimum of 3-5 batsmen and a maximum of 6 batsmen.

· How many batsmen are required to play in a match wholly depends on the pitch, whether it’s a bowling pitch or a batting pitch. For a batting pitch, you need to select 4-6 batsmen. On the other hand, for a bowling pitch, you need to select 3 batsmen.

· It might be difficult to choose batsmen if you do not know about cricket. But you can select batsmen for your team based on their previous performance records.

· For a better team, you need to select only 1 opener.

· Your score will decide either you win or lose the match. If you select the batsmen who can do bowling also then it will be an opportunity for your team to score more points.

v Bowler selection

· Minimum 3 bowlers are needed to create a team and a maximum of 6 is required. This limit should not be exceeded.

· In the live match, bowlers are selected based on pitch. For a batting pitch, 3 bowlers are required and for a bowling pitch, 4-6 bowlers are required to get selected.

· For each team, at least one spinner and 1 death bowler is required.

· If a bowler can’t take the wicket then it doesn’t make sense to choose him even he has a good economy rate.

v All-rounder selection

· To create a team, a minimum of 1 all-rounder is required and a maximum of 4.

· All-rounders can do both bowling and batting, you need to select at least 2 all-rounders, one from each team. It should not exceed the maximum limit that is 4.

· In a match, only that all-rounder should be selected who is good at batting and bowling both. It doesn’t make any sense of choosing that all-rounder who is good at batting or bowling only.

· In your fantasy team, there should be at least one all-rounder as captain or star player.

v Wicketkeeper selection

· While creating a team, there should be a minimum of 1 wicket-keeper is required and a maximum of 4.

· Wicket keepers are good at batting and keeping too. This makes the wicket-keeping role very interesting.

· It is important to select that wicketkeeper who can do both the batting and keeping the task. Because a wicket-keeper always gets a chance to bat.

v Star player & captain selection

· As discussed above, the star player gets 2 x points and on the other side, the captain gets 1.5 x points. So, selection should be done wisely because they can change the entire scenario of the game.

· To increase the number of points, you should select one all-rounder as a star player or captain. All-rounder can do both the task like batting and bowling. Your chances to maximize the game points will increase.

· A good bowler should be the captain. You need to avoid bowlers as star players.

Hence, a new cricket fantasy app is specially designed for all the people who love to play fantasy games. This platform provides an opportunity for people to gain handsome bonuses through live matches. If you want some thrill and fun, this gaming platform is an excellent place where you can earn money with a lot of fun. Based on your knowledge and actual performance you can ensure the highest possible gains. Lastly, important is to keep in mind that play only on those platforms where you are safe and the platform provides you with the same guarantee.