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How To Start Learning SEO – Steps You Need To Follow


Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, is getting popular as more and more businesses take the digital landscape. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, SEO alone holds the authority to rank the website on search engines. 

If you can make your website follow all the SEO’s best practices, your website will always find its way to run on the SERP top pages. So, yes, SEO has become a big deal today, and everybody wants to learn more about it.

Seeing how you are here, we are guessing you are also one of them. If that is the case, you are certainly at the right place. 

When you are scouring the internet in search of high-quality content and resources, you will find the same old article and blogs talking about implementing SEO on your website. 

While that is important, the most important is the resources that keep you updated about the daily happenings in the SEO industry.

Today, we are here, not with a guide or a blog discussing SEO strategies, but with the steps that will help you learn SEO as a whole.

Before we can move forward with the main topic, we would like to talk a little about SEO so everyone can start on the same page.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the practice of implementing certain strategies that will help you improve your ranking on search engine result pages. The primary goal of SEI is to promote the website and increase website traffic.

SEO uses keywords to identify relevant search results and present them to the audiences. There are many aspects that determine the range of SEO on your website. To get the most out of the SEO, you need to utilize the most number of SEO ranking factors.

Why Is SEO Important?

The importance of SEO lies in its organic results. SEO is the only strategy that does not need ant marketing investment. If you can follow the right SEO practices, you can gain relevant and valuable traffic to your website.

How To Start Learning SEO?

Every SEO expert you see today has started their journey from Zero. The start of your journey can be this page. All you need is the right SEO coaching resource that can guide you towards success.

Below we have listed a few steps you can take to start learning SEO.

Step 1: Find A Resource For Beginners

To start with SEO, you must first accept that you are a beginner and can’t pull off feats like an expert. Hence, start with a basic SEO strategy. It can be as basic as maintaining keyword density.

See how this SEO ranking factor is affecting your SEO rankings. If you can find that maintaining a certain density is helping with your ranking, you have now successfully mastered one factor.

Once you are confident with one thing, try another. If you don’t know about strategy, learn from a professional. You will find many world-class professionals sharing their knowledge online. Use them to feed your curiosity and to see what they do for you.

Step 2: Start Practicing

You must understand that theory is one thing and practical implementation is another. Just like you can fly airplanes by playing airplane simulation games, you cannot run successful SEO campaigns without practice.

The best way to become a successful SEO expert is to practice. So create your own website and practice everything you learn about SEO.

In fact, having your own website helps you track all your progress and how your strategies come through. Instead of just reading in theories, making real-life mistakes will help you learn more about SEO.

Step 3: Find A Mentor

While everything can be found on the internet, you will eventually need a mentor who can answer all your silly questions and help you understand and connect the several differences in the SEO concept.

You must know that there is a reason why some SEO experts are working great compared to others. It is not just that they know something different that others are unaware of. 

Finding a mentor needs to be one of the goals while you are learning about SEO. This will not only help you with your networking but will give you access to so much more information about SEO that would have taken years for you to gather alone.

Step 4: Join SEO Group

This is one of the best pieces of advice you will ever get from anyone. Still, hardly anyone tells a beginner. I guess it’s a trade secret that might put them in a disadvantaged position. 

Joining an SEO group can help you interact with different minds. Every mind might know something different about SEO. Interacting with them, you can learn small but valuable things that can take your SEO strategies to the next level.

If you can’t find an SEO group in your area, try finding it online or get yourself a mentor. This will help you open roads for networking.

Step 5: Know What’s Going On In The SEO World

Finally, know what is happening in The SEO world every day. SEO is a dynamic field that keeps on changing every single minute. Therefore, there is always something new to learn about SEO.

Follow market leaders, spend time in SEO groups, and build networks to get all the latest information on the SEO industry in real time. 

In the SEO industry, information is the key. The more information you have, the better strategies you can formulate.

Final Tip

Like anything worth knowing, it takes time to develop the right skills to understand SEO. So if you think that after studying about SEO for a year, you will come to its complete understanding, you can’t be any far from the truth. 

SEO is a dynamic field which keeps on changing every single day. So if you want to consider yourself as someone making a living out of SEO, you need to keep track of the SEO industry daily.

That being said, we have shared some of the effective ways to start learning SEO. While these are some basics, you will still find them helpful.