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How can the field team management software help your business?

For any business, it is important to manage time. It is rightly said that Time is money. When you are able to effectively manage your business, it positively impacts your services and in turn your revenue. With the advancement in technology, there is various software that can assist in the growth of your business.

The field team management software by Field Promax is one such advancement that you need for your business. If you are wondering why let’s have a look at the benefits of it:


You can now manage your services in a better way with the help of this robust software. It offers flexibility to use either Android or iOS platforms. The application is easy to use by anyone as it is intuitive in nature. Without need for extensive training, the functioning can be understood within just 15-20 minutes. Everyday tasks can be viewed in various styles like dashboard, map, or calendar. Technicians can use the mobile app and upload pictures of window cleaning and get the signature of the customer as well.

Easy creation of service orders

You can now bring mobility to your business with the help of software. The work order creation is possible from the office as well as from the field. This allows you to make your services available to more and more customers and meet their varied needs fast. In fact, for recurring services, the software allows you to generate work orders automatically. You can now ensure top services to each client which boosts the client relationship. Not just that, auto-generation of work orders leads to lesser mistakes and makes your services efficient.

Two-way Sync

The software will generate an automated invoice via QuickBooks immediately after the technician completes the job. It allows both online and desktop integration with QuickBooks. The two-way sync feature is meant to prevent double entries of the same work orders. There is 100% assurance of security of your data.

Automatic invoice generation

The process becomes quick and hassle-free with the help of automated generation of the invoice. Now, there is no need for long paperwork and invoices. The technicians can use the mobile application for sending invoices to the client soon after the completion of the window cleaning job. Via QuickBooks, Field Promax enables you to generate invoice automatically. You can benefit from custom pricing, even with the automated invoice. The feature allows you to charge customers differently, even for the same service, depending on contract negotiation that happens on the field. The software can also be used for monitoring the efficiency and expense of each work order.

Seamless customer support

With Field Promax software by your side, your shift from paper to the digital model will be swift and easy. The experts are available for you via texts, calls, and emails, without paying any additional cost. Being on-board will be an easy experience for you. The training is meant to make your team understand the functions of our software and ensure that your business-specific needs are being met. If you are looking for field service scheduling app, connect with Field Promax team and gain maximum benefit for your business.

Remote team management software is used to track the employee of the company.