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Amla Powder For Beautiful Skin

Many of us grew up eating Amla in various forms. Some of us eat the fruit with the Himalayan salt or chilli powder and enjoy the taste with winking. Many of us use it as a pickle to increase the taste of our regular meal without realizing its medical effects on our health.  But as we indulge into our busy lifestyle or move to other places, we have left the use of amla from our meal, now most of us are facing the consequences like leaky gut, weak immune system, skin issues, and others. Thank god, it is available as juice or Amla powder and people can improve their digestion, immunity, and other health issues easily. You will explore here how amla helps you in improving skin health.

Amla powder For Beautiful Skin:

Amal is there for numbers of skin woes. An ayurvedic medicine that has been in practice for a very long time due to its rich source of nutrients.

  • Antioxidants: Amla is great sources of antioxidants like vitamin C and Vitamin E that help your skin to fight off free radicals, UV rays, pollution, acne, and others. Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen, a type of protein that plays a crucial role to promote youthful and firm skin. Vitamin E helps in reducing the damage caused by UV rays to skin and also combat the toxins of the environment. You must have seen them in beauty products because of these benefits.
  • Slows Down the aging effects: With the antioxidant properties, amla consists of vitamin A in abundance that encourages new skin cells production and maintains the health of them. Also, it fights against wrinkles and maintains the tonality of skin and its glow. Along with that, it is quite effective for clearing up acne. You look young and beautiful for longer periods of time. So, take amla powder regularly and prevent fine lines, wrinkles, premature ageing, and dark spots.
  • Removes Dead cells: Amla is a great cleaner if the juice is applied to the skin directly. It helps in removing dead cells and helps you to look younger. Rejuvenate your skin and make it outshine, with drinking juice or taking amla powder. With the vibrant and bright look, get your self confidence back.
  • Treat Your Skin Pigmentation: Reduce your skin pigmentation by cleaning your skin by amla juice. Or you can apply the powder in your face pack. Then wipe it with a piece of cotton before rinsing with water. It will give you the experience of lightening skin marks and less skin pigmentation. While applying it on your face keep your eyes closed.

You must be surprised to know all these benefits, the amla powder contains for improving the health of your skin. You can take the fruit if you get it or can use it as a juice with other herbs. With improved gut health, you can reduce various skin issues. So take it in the morning with an empty stomach and improve your digestion, gut health, and immune system that affects your skin health indirectly