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Is Buying Views on YouTube Illegal?

A lot has been said and discussed buying Youtube views online. Many people believe that it is illegal to buy Youtube views. Some others are of the opinion that though YouTube discourages the content creators to buy views. However, it is not ‘illegal’ for the fact of the matter. 

Yet another set of people say that there are absolutely no whims and worries that you have to buy YouTube views. They say that it is 100% legal and safe to buy views, and in fact, it is a good strategy to adopt. 

Let us clear this confusion and uncertainty from your mind, once and forever. 

  • Is it illegal to buy YouTube views? – NO
  • Does YouTube track the sources of your views? – YES
  • Does YouTube discourage fake views? – YES
  • Do all the bought YouTube views fake? – Certainly NOT
  • Do you need to be careful when you buy YouTube views? – YES!

Let us dig a little deeper into it and tell you why we are saying all these. 

What do YouTube’s ‘Terms of Service’ say?

YouTube’s Terms of Service document is very clear about the views and their sources. It clearly states that their partners are not to engage third parties to “generate artificial subscribers or views.” 

Here, partners are generally the users who are monetizing their videos through various means like affiliate programs and Google AdSense. However, the main catch here is YouTube clearly defining the purpose of engaging with ‘third parties’ (i.e. Agencies and service providers). 

It states that you should not generate artificial views or subscribers through these means. In other words, such activities are completely legitimate, legal, and allowed if you are generating real and authentic views. 

Artificial views are the ones that are generated by artificial intelligence, computer programs, or robots. On the other hand, real views come from real viewers by means of widespread and real sharing. 

What is illegal on YouTube?

Youtube is a platform that commits itself to be fair, engaging, and rewarding for all its stakeholders. In order to ensure that, it has put in place strict community guidelines and terms. 

Along with fake views and subscribers, what is illegal on YouTube is the sharing of videos that promote violence and/or violate other peoples’ copyrights. 

Buying YouTube views is clearly not illegal, as even YouTube’s own terms of service state that it depends on where the views are coming from. 

The Need to Be Careful

Despite it being legal to buy YouTube views, there is a need to be careful and up to date with the policies of Youtube. Companies like Google (the owner of YouTube) keep tweaking and reviewing their policies as well algorithms, every now and then. Therefore, keep a constant tab on what YouTube wants, and act accordingly. 

Where You Should Buy Youtube Views?

Having understood the terms of service of YouTube, it is strongly recommended to buy YouTube views from a service provider that offers real views, sourced from humans and not robots!